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Southern Imaging is an official Authorized Document Technology Partner with Xerox and several other of the top manufacturer’s in the digital copier industry. We provide state-of-the-art equipment and service while building lasting relationships and assisting businesses in being efficient at an affordable rate that most copier companies cannot match!

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Our Mission

Tampa's Office Equipment Supplier

Our mission is to be the best supplier of Digital printers/copiers to the greater Tampa Bay area and provide a hassle free buying experience with excellent sales/service support at an affordable price to meet our customer’s budget.

Why Southern Imaging?

Quite simply, we help businesses do business better.

Yes, we provide copiers, printers, MFPs and office equipment to companies throughout the Tampa Bay area, and that has made us one of the area’s largest independent dealer of brands such as Xerox, Muratec by Konica Minolta, Lexmark and Epson. We’re also leading developers of office technologies moving our customers further into the cutting-edge worlds of mobile, digital and cloud document management.

Trusted Supplier

Copier and Printer Rentals Tampa Bay

Even with digital technology now flourishing in managing businesses today, there are many activities that require business owners to
hold on to physical copies of documents. These activities include posting or giving out marketing materials, memos, and other communications, drafting and making copies of contracts, receiving faxed documents, keeping copies of receipts, and other paper material that help run the business. Whether you run a business from a physical office or your home you need a dependable copying
machine or a printing machine that you can use hassle-free and consistent up-time, so it’s available whenever you need it.

Here at Southern Imaging Copiers, we understand your needs and we want to make it convenient for you to access top-of-the-line commercial copiers or printers for your business in Tampa, FL. Allow us to set up your brand-new purchased or leased multi-functional machine that functions as a copier, printing equipment, scanner, and fax machine – all in one! We are a trusted office equipment supplier of Xerox, Muratec by Konica Minolta, Lexmark and Epson.

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Tampa, Florida and nearby areas

Copier and Printer Repair Tampa Bay

Southern Imaging Copiers is a reputable supplier of digital copiers and Xerox commercial printers in Tampa, FL and nearby areas. It is our mission to provide our customers with a hassle-free buying or leasing experience with our excellent sales, leasing, and overall service support at an affordable cost to meet your budget. We are an authorized partner of Xerox and other trusted brands in the digital copier industry.

We are also among the few trusted used printing equipment dealers in the region. Unlike other copier companies, we offer used office equipment for sale that does not come with inflated profit margins. We are dedicated to helping our customers acquire our products and services at a very cost-effective, accessible price.

For our office printer and copier services, we insure that your equipment is operating at its optimal and most efficient condition. We also offer pre-owned equipment released from short-term lease agreements that can provide you with a budget-friendly solution for your office.  For our pre-owned equipment leases, we complete a through inspection and service and install new module parts, as needed, so that the office equipment works as good as new. You can also come to us for demo office equipment for savings over leasing or purchasing new.

If you have a home office, you can come to us for cost-effective home business equipment solutions. Our team ensures that you receive cost-effective solutions for your office equipment needs.

Our Reliable Services

Copier Repair Tampa Bay | Copier and Printer Service and Support

We have a team that has members who are capable enough to assist you in selecting the ideal office copier or printer for you. We have long years of experience in providing our services, so you need not worry about choosing the wrong one in the end. Our services do not only include selling or leasing office or home business equipment but also repairing the machines. We also offer ink cartridges and toners for your inkjet or laser printers. We can help you with what you require more than what you expect.

We have competitive rates and work hard to maintain the trust that our customers have given to us. Southern Imaging Copiers serves business owners in Tampa, FL and surrounding areas with the following unmatched services:

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misprinting, jamming?

When you experience any issue with your old printer, our team can help you determine what is wrong and fix it so it could function as good again. We are certified in this field and from the best brands in the market, such as HP, Epson, and Xerox, to name a few! Likewise, we can give an expert suggestion if another printer is a better alternative for your needs. In the event that you have a few issues with exploring your new printing machine, our company can always help you with your office printer service needs. Do not worry because this multifunctional printer is anything but difficult to utilize. We can make the experience better for you if are just having a difficult time handling it. For all your office printer repair requirements, you can come to us for any cost-effective solution for your business equipment.

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Copier Leasing, Sales

Our company is your best option from among the copier companies in Tampa, FL. We will give you best-in-class office copiers that will assist your business activities. Our team likewise comprehends that you may require financing alternatives. In which case, we offer an option to purchasing your own copier machine. Our commercial copier leasing agreements, especially our Xerox copier leasing, can be a big help in matching this office equipment into your financing requirements. We can discuss the conditions of the rental copier arrangement that will accommodate your spending plan. In all instances of getting access to copiers from us, we will give excellent client support. Our copier sales and office copiers for lease services are ideal for either big or small organizations. Call us for more information about our business copier rental service.

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sales, leasing

You may now forestall stressing about your old printer. You can reach out to our representatives for the state-of-the-art multifunctional printers like Xerox commercial printers, which are low-priced and easy to navigate. Either you decide on monochrome or a color print, a laser or an inkjet printer, our company is the office equipment professional that can bring you a wide variety of options and ultimately, the best one for your needs. You can also come to us when used but excellently working printers are sufficient for your preferences. We are actually the best from among the well-known used printing equipment sellers in your area. When you want to lease a printer, we can also serve you well. With us, you have plenty of options to select from. Plus, we offer stipulations that can be flexible for your financing needs. This is because our office equipment leasing services include a wide range of deals and discounts.

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Repair, Service

Your copier may fail you when you have been using this for a long from normal wear and tear or when its parts have issues. When you see your copies having a blank or all black page, missing areas, lines, or streaks, your office equipment might require copier repair soon. Additionally, when you see that it requires toner constantly than usual, the scanner does move when replicating, takes quite a while heating up, or there are features that do not work, you might need our specialists soon to inspect and fix the problem. We would like to keep you away from having to deal with delays in your operations. Let us perform the copier repair needs of your machine. While we are at it, you can check the copiers for lease service in stock. You can consider our popular Xerox copier lease service. Our certified and experienced staff is prepared to go to your office or home in Tampa, FL or surrounding areas to provide you our top-quality service at an affordable cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your Most Asked Questions for Copier Printer Leasing and Service in Tampa, FL

The best copier and printer for your business depend on whether you need it long-term and how much money you’re willing to spend. If you can’t afford a lump sum payment, breaking the cost into yearly or monthly installments is a better option. Copier leasing and printer leasing allows businesses to have multiple machines at once without being cash-strapped. Another critical factor to consider is whether or not convenience matters to you regarding maintenance and upgrades. If so, then opting into leasing a used copier machine or a used printer makes more sense, logically speaking. In addition, if you only require a machine for a particular project or shorter-term task, it might make more sense to lease a copier and printer. This way, you’re not stuck with an expensive machine that you might not need.

If you want to reduce your company’s costs over time, thus giving you savings and having the budget for it, then purchasing copier sales and printer sales is the route you should take. No monthly lease payments or interest rates come with owning the machine outright. Plus, you can keep it as long as you’d like or resell it when ready to upgrade machines.

Yes! Southern Imaging Copiers sell and lease copiers and printers for small business and commercial offices. We offer a wide range of machines to fit any need, from basic black and white office printers to high-end color office copiers. Whether you’re looking for a short-term lease used printer and used copier or want to purchase a commercial officer copier and commercial office printer outright, we can help you find the perfect fit for your business. We guarantee our machines come from the best brands in the market that you can trust.

At Southern Imaging Copiers, we prioritize both convenience and customer service. To ensure that our customers always have working machines, we offer service plans for all copiers and printers we sell. With these xerox printer repair and copier repair service plans (whichever is applicable), you can keep your machine running smoothly with ease – plus, they may save you money in the long run by avoiding more costly repairs down the line!

Our monthly service plans start at $25, including parts, labor, mileage, toner replacement refills, developer, or cleaning rollers and drums – everything you need to get started! Not included in the plan are shipping fees, staples supplies, and paper which require separate payment. It’s a small price to pay for quality maintenance coverage!

Our service area is expanding! We now offer copier and printer sales and leasing requirements in the City of Tampa, Tampa Bay, Counties of Hernando, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Sarasota, Hernando, Citrus, and Polk. So no matter your location, we can cater to your needs!

We have you covered if you search for short-term printers and copier rentals! At Southern Imaging Copiers, we recognize that not all businesses have the exact long-term needs. That’s why we offer short-term copier leasing and printer leasing, starting at three (3) months minimum. This way, you can get the machine you need, whether a commercial copier or a commercial printer, without being locked into a long-term contract. And if your needs change, you can adjust your rental agreement accordingly!

We would recommend that you consider a multi-function, all-in-one copier, printer, and scanner. These machines allow you to handle all your copying, printing, and scanning needs in one compact machine. It can be a great space-saving solution for smaller offices or simply a more convenient option for busy offices that need to be able to handle all three tasks quickly and easily.

We refuse to skimp on quality by only offering products from the best brands, including HP, Lexmark, Xerox, Epson, and Ricoh. We guarantee that the products you purchase, lease, and require service from us will serve your needs for many years because we believe our customers deserve only the best!

Many companies have already claimed their space in the market, but that doesn’t mean finding a quality copier or printer for your business is impossible. At Southern Imaging Copiers, a locally owned and operated business, we take pride in our large inventory and quality selection of machines from the best industry brands. Our experienced technicians have undergone rigorous training to test that every product we sell is up to par with our high standards. Plus, to equip them with the right technical know-how to provide service repair and maintenance for every product.

Our commitment to customer service means that you can always expect a pleasant and helpful experience when working with us. Considering that not everyone is familiar with these machines, our team takes time to show you options and help you find the best machine for your office needs. Our highly-rated customer service guarantees your satisfaction with your purchase. From start to finish, we promise an exceptional experience!

buy or lease a copier?

Buying vs. Leasing a Printer or a Copier

Confused about how you will acquire one?

You probably know how important it is to have a copy machine and printer in your office, but you are still confused about how you will acquire one. Surely, either buying or leasing this machine can have many benefits. But one of the two options can be more applicable to the nature of your business or how you want to manage the equipment you use for your business. Not only cost, but you should also be considering many things. 


Consider these tips when determining whether you want to buy or lease this business office equipment:

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Initial Expense

A few hundred or 1,000+ dollars may be the common expense of purchasing a printer or copy machine for your business, contingent upon the quality, capacity, brand, and model of the business office equipment you purchase. The basic expense of rental printers isn’t as much as purchasing printers again and again. Additionally, you may wind up paying a fundamental security installment and the rental copier expenses for your first month, yet this could leave you with some additional cash in the bank that you can use for different purposes. But with the right use and maintenance of the machine you bought, you should not worry about requiring repairs anytime soon.

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Tax Implications

With respect to the weight of covering charges, both printing purchasing and copier rentals or printing leasing will assist you with diminishing the sum that you pay. In this case, the IRS would allow you to deduct the amounts connected with the administration of your organization. Office equipment costs are normally summed up regardless if they are rented or bought.

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Technological Innovation

Technology innovates faster than we can imagine. Today, you are using a better, faster machine, and just months later, there is a new, improved one out in the market. To stay updated, it might just be important to replace your printers now from time to time. In case you purchase your printing machine, doing repairs would cost you a great deal of money. Plus, updating your machine may as well entail financing this business operation need. But if you can get a decent commercial printer leasing contract, you could have the alternative to update your office equipment without a significant cost change and as regularly as allowed in your agreement. For this aspect, however, the disadvantage of business copier rental is that you cannot choose which equipment to get because you may only select from what is offered to you. The freedom to choose what you really want is more possible in actually buying the machine you prefer.

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Regular Maintenance


Regarding having the maintenance measures for keeping the good shape of your machine, this will depend on the office equipment supplier that you choose. Generally, they provide this as part of the business copier rental agreement. In any case, buying a printer would expect you to pay for your own upkeep needs because this may come from warranty centers. This can wind up being expensive in case you may need to buy additional parts. Whichever option you choose, you can trust Southern Imaging Copiers. Talk to our representatives about the deal that fits your budget and needs. We accommodate any size of business. Also, we can make sure that you have a wide selection of office equipment as well as very useful perks when you choose us over the other dealers in your area.

Features & Benefits

Friendly and fast customer service is just the start.

We offer a large selection of Toner and Ink Cartridges for laser and inkjet printers. Our cost effective, smart and capable copiers and printers are sure to work well in any environment.

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Business copiers and printers

Sales & Leasing

Everything you need to know before you lease or buy.

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Take control

Repair & Service

Our copier repair service always puts the customer first. Toner and Supplies We offer a large selection of Toner and

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time sensitive

We offer a large selection of Toner and Ink Cartridges for laser and inkjet printers.

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Finance Options

We understand that financing is an important consideration for today’s offices.

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time sensitive

All our demo units are tested and inspected by our experienced technicians.

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print Production equipment

Manufacturer & distributor of print finishing equipment.

color cartridge printer service

Upgrade Your Office Equipment with Us

Tampa Copier Leasing | Business Printer Rentals

Southern Imaging Copiers is the best office equipment supplier in Tampa FL, and surrounding areas. We partner with the most well-known brands, like Ricoh, Xerox, Epson, Lexmark, HP, and Konica Minolta. If you upgrade your office equipment with us, your business will benefit from many things. Plus, you can get to know more about technological updates that can be very useful for your operations.
Surely, you can improve the productivity of your business. With a state-of-the-art copier or printer, you can produce copies as if they came from professional printing shops. We will help you access the machine that will prevent delays that cost you on your operations. Also, we can give machine options that are multifunctional.
Earn more from having a more efficient machine and more productive workplace. You may spend on new or leased office equipment, but it will surely be worth it. It will leave your employees not stressing about your old, dusty, and outdated machine. Our team will choose the one that is best for your needs and your budget. Plus, you need not worry about navigating it because these multifunctional printers or copiers are easy to use, particularly Xerox commercial printers.
We also have your back in maintaining the machine. We will make sure that we are there for you when you have questions about making sure that it is clean, performs well, and lasts longer. Our company is more than capable to guide you in choosing the printer or copier machine that is ideal for your business.

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Here at Southern Imaging Copiers, we provide all-around office equipment services. We sell, lease, and repair the best selection of brand-new and used office copiers, Xerox commercial printers, and other printing equipment brands. We provide remanufactured ribbons, ink cartridges, laser printer toners, and other related office supplies. Allow our experienced, certified, and highly skilled staff to make your operations way better than it was before. You can call us any time for questions about how we can serve you best. Our representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

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