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Copier Repair and Service, Tampa FL

Southern Imaging Copiers is a leading independent copier repair and service center in the Tampa Bay area. We can provide you with the widest range of brand options including leading brands such as Xerox, HP, Epson, Lexmark, Ricoh, and Konica Minolta. Our available office copiers are guaranteed top-notch in providing business printing solutions and responding to commercial printing needs. We pride ourselves with an array of experience in copier repair service with leading training methodologies that our experts receive from these brands.

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Top Quality Office Copier Repair

Top-quality office copier repair is what we bring to our clientele in Tampa, FL and nearby areas. We also offer office copiers for lease with on-site installation and back-end support. This ensures that our clients are guided accordingly and in a timely manner. While we are the major distributor and office copier service provider for brands like Xerox, HP, Epson, Lexmark, Ricoh, and Konica Minolta, we also have extensive knowledge to repair just about any brand of commercial office copier you may have.

When and How do you Know When to Call a Copier Repair Expert?


It takes more than 3 minutes to be operational

Usually, office copiers can be used from the time of plugging it on typically around 2 – 3 minutes. Sometimes, a prolonged start-up is a sign that something is not right. It could be caused by faulty wirings, a misaligned cartridge, or some hardware malfunctions. If this happens, you should call an expert to diagnose the whole printer and see what the issue is about.


Slight quality issues on copier output

Copier machines are designed to give you the best output possible. Small quality issues are signs that there some things are not right in the machine. Perhaps, there might be some hardware issues that, if not taken care of, might become a bigger problem later on. Some of the common issues that you can spot right away on the paper output are streaks and lines that are unnecessarily there. Copy outputs have blank spots or totally blank. There are uneven prints on the copy output.


Repair Indicator is on

The repair indicator is mostly represented by a punctuation mark or sometimes with a triangular hazard sign. Some copiers have this on the LCD screen. Office copiers are designed to show these warning messages or symbols to inform the users that it needs expert’s attention. When this issue occurs, quickly call an expert for commercial copier service. Diagnosis is important and it should be done by a person with proper knowledge.


Copier features are unavailable

Proper installation is important and is the key to functioning office copiers. If the installation is not done the right way, problems may occur. Although some printers can still be used, you can only utilize 50% of your printer’s ability when the installation is done incorrectly. In many cases, firmware updates may also be the reason. Outdated versions of the needed software application may cause some issues with the output. If this occurs, it is important to call your supplier to verify and know more about the issue.


Unable or failure to scan

Scanning is a major function of an office copy machine or a multifunctional printer. Scanner beds are a very delicate part of any office copier. It is used not only to create a softcopy document of papers but also used for the photocopying process. Some of the basic issues of a copier scanner are:


Machine irregularly consumes toner

Proper installation and use of printers are important otherwise, your copier machine will not function as it should be. When a printer or a copier is installed incorrectly and continuously used improperly, it will consume a significantly larger amount of toner each time it is being used than it should be. This is very costly and may cause hardware breakdown in the long-run. If your copy machine runs out of toner, the output will never be the same. Much worse, it will only ruin the hardware and wirings inside due to forced output with the absence of such an important component. To avoid these issues, you should call experts and save time and money figuring it out yourself. Remember, it is wiser to ask the expert for commercial copier service and copier repair than attempt with little to no knowledge about the machine. This is why it is important to have a supplier with great customer support like what we have here at Southern Imaging Copiers.

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Top-Quality Copier Service and Support

Copiers and multi-functional printers, such as Xerox commercial printers, have guidelines and usage rules to prevent hardware issues and breakdowns. In Southern Imaging Copiers, we can give you preventive measures and support services that can help prolong your printer and copier’s lifespan. More so, software updates are one of our expertise as we see it as necessary for operational ease. We offer an extensive array of repair services and service support from picking the best copier for you up to repairing and updating the software for it to be usable and optimal. We can assist you with your Konica Minolta copier repair service as well as any other brands in the market.

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Why Choose Us?

We provide business supports in copier administration and management as well as repairs. We guarantee our clients to provide the service within four hours from the time you place your order. In this way, we can provide the timely service you need and be operational again in no time. For major repairs when we need to bring your copy machine back to our warehouse, we will provide you with backup loaner machines so you can still operate with the basic printing and copying functions while we repair yours. This will allow you to remain operational and decrease the costs of unnecessary temporary purchases.


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Exelente Compania muy recomendada, Exelente equipo de Trabajo!! Gracias Por Todo Wonderful Company Very Recommended, Very Nice work Team !!! Thank You For Everything

Juan Mendoza

Southern Imaging is the real deal when it comes to quality and customer service. I highly recommend this company to any business looking to improve their bottom line while receiving peace of mind.

Steve Hopper

All I know our Printers are running in tip-top shape….if you need help with your printers call Justin Siegfried at Southern Imaging

Florian Royack

Thank You Southern Imaging! Great customer service, great quality!! I would highly recommend! Thank you Justin and the rest of the SI team!!!

Angie StPierre

This company is absolutely wonderful! Our copier/printer/fax has made a huge impact and is helping us save time and resources. I was hesitant to use a company for printing needs because “what will happen if it breaks down, what if I need it hooked up to a new computer” and so on. However, southern imaging has been fabulous, they come on short notice to assist with any needs at all. In summary, I highly recommend this caring and competent company.

Lena Thoresen

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